PPE in the Covid-19 pandemic

Branded PPE Equipment

PPE in the Covid-19 pandemic

Personal protective equipment, commonly referred to as ‘PPE’, is equipment or clothing that can be employed to reduce or eliminate exposure to a number of different hazards. The 8 different types of PPE that offer protection against, low, medium and high hazards are;

  • Head and scalp protection
  • Respiratory protection
  • Eye protection
  • Hand and arm protection
  • Foot and leg protection
  • Body protection
  • Height and access protection

Although there are 8 categories of PPE, during the Covid-19 pandemic there has been a concentration on respiratory protection and sanitising products for both healthcare professionals and the public at large.

Indeed, in 2020 the term PPE has been used to include hand sanitisers, sanitising wipes, branded face masks and other face coverings.

Historically Branded Healthcare Products has provided branding on protective clothing including hi-visibility garment, waterproof jackets, work trousers, hard hats, gloves and ear defenders. The branding on this type of PPE is usually applied to show ownership or to promote a brand name.

On hi-vis and protective clothing branding can also be used to add extra information such as Covid Marshall, Security, Visitor, Volunteer, Here to Help and so on.

Face coverings and masks

In the past, masks and other face coverings were used principally in the healthcare sector or in environments with contaminated air supply. The Covid-19 pandemic has led to the UK and other governments making the wearing of a mask or other face-covering compulsory for most of the population.

At Branded Healthcare Products we offer a range of different masks and face coverings that can be branded to support a campaign or to carry a company logo or any other message. Supplying a branded face mask can really help colleagues to feel more comfortable in returning to an office, factory or school environment.

We do not offer branded disposable masks and our branded masks can all be laundered safely. There are also options for masks with filters and there is a wide choice of colours.

There are smaller size masks for young people and we also have a branded plastic strap to hold the mask straps at the back of the head and this reduces the discomfort of straps behind the ears for long periods.


Branded Healthcare Products offer a wide range of hand sanitisers in different sizes that can be used at home, when on the go or for returning to the office. There are liquid and gel sanitisers, with either pump action or spray function, and also sanitiser hand wipes.

All branded healthcare sanitisers are to the highest standard and have full safety certification. The bottles of sanitisers and packs of sanitiser wipes can be printed in full colour and are a very welcome, consumable item for people of all ages.

Other items

Although not strictly PPE, Branded Healthcare Products also has a range of other Covid-19 related items such as branded anti-microbial products, individually named items, social-distancing signage, essential office protection packs, banners and badges.

Branded healthcare PPE has been around for many years but in 2020 the demand increased overnight and introduced many new items to combat the spread of Covd-19.

The team at Branded Healthcare Products is very proud to have supplied very large quantities of branded PPE to councils, universities, housing associations, and companies and is very grateful to its suppliers large and small for continuing to work and supply PPE products during the darkest hours.