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Whether you’re looking for exhibition merchandise, corporate gifts, thank you items, or any type of branded promotional products, we can help you.

With over 10,000 different products on offer, we know it can be hard to choose sometimes. Here are a few ideas for some of our most popular products. Call us now for a quote at 01905 381162.


The role of branded healthcare products.

By its very nature, the NHS and healthcare industry needs many different types of branded products – below are some of the most important groups and some product ideas;

Identity & security.  Safety and security are critical areas in the healthcare environment and we have a large range of items to identify personnel.  These include badges, lanyards, pass holders, Hi Vis waistcoats and event clothing such as t shirts and polo shirts.

Clinical items.  Tyvek wristbands, folders, mousemats, USBs, clipboards, magnetic signs for waste bins,

General communication.  A large amount of information has to be given to clinicians, volunteers, patients and the general public and this takes many forms.  We can supply products relevant to campaigns, useful reminders and awareness of the need to take specific action.  We have a great deal of experience in relating products to a particular campaign to achieve maximum results.

Stationery.  Whilst we do not supply printed stationery such as forms, we have great value prices on branded sticky notes, notepads, calendars, notebooks, page markers and much more.

Pens & writing.  Pens, stylus pens, eco-friendly pens, anti-bacterial pens, banner pens, 4 colour pens, drywipe pens, marker pens, pencils, mechanical pencils, highlighters, crayons,

Meetings and events.  Lanyards, badges, bags, folders, banners, notepads, pens, water bottles, mints, sanitisers, power banks,

Clothing.  Polo shirts, t shirts, fleeces, hoodies, jackets

Awards & recognition.  Excellence awards, long service items, campaign mementos

Personal welfare.  Mugs, water bottles, coffee cups, bags, device chargers, umbrellas, mints, lip balm, trolley coins, lunch bag


“Staff are always amazingly helpful and friendly and work hard to ensure great value and quality. Always go out of their way to assist. Whatever is asked for, they are always able to provide”

Joanne Council-based design team

Once you find something you like, or if you already know, call us directly at 01905 381162 and we’ll walk you through the ordering process and get you a quote.